Airgun Photo Wall
A collection of Airgun Hunting Photos from myself and several of my hunting friends in the USA, South Africa, Australia,
Mexico, Puerto Rico,  the UK, and other places around the world! We're going to put up photos with no more than a
paragraph explaining what the picture is capturing! If you have a cool pic to go on the wall, send it to me!
I Took the Talon-P carbine out for a Minnesota squirrel hunt
and took this pair of grays, one at 30 yards and one at 50
yards. The JSB .25 Kings made a profound impact on these
bushytails. I have a two squirrel limit on several of my
permissions, that I use for short morning or afternoon hunts
around my normal working day
Jim's Talon-P Squirrel Hunting
Brian Beck Puts the Smackdown on Yotes
Brian to these five dogs during a weekend predator competition in
central Indiana. He used coyote vocalizations and distress calls to
lure them into shooting range, where his Airforce Condor .25
shooting slugs at about 90 fpe, and the Escape .22 for closer range,
did the job. Brian uses both head and body shots, and proved either
Jim's California Gobbler with the Rotek
During the spring turkey season in California, I'd been invited
out to Northern California to hunt turkey with spring piston turkey
airgunner expert Glenn Elliott. Glenn kept us on turkey the
entire trip and with the generous California limits (3 birds per
season/ one per day) we put a lot of drumsticks on the table.
This trip was great, try it if you get the chance!
Jim's Texas Hog and AOA Bushbuck
Glenn Elliot hammers a California Turkey
Jim's Virginia DAQ .452 Whitetail
I'd been hunting in Texas on a ranch that put you in blinds
over feeders in the early morning and afternoon. And
picked you up for lunch and a nap in between. My
cameraman Clay Pruitt and I found that only small pigs
came in during the daylight and the big ones stayed in the
thick brush until nightfall. Our solution? Go in after them,
and it paid off!
Glenn is the California turkey king with an airgun, using spring piston
airguns exclusively. He hunts from a blind, which means he has to do a
very good job patterning the birds. Glenn uses headshots on his birds,
with most falling between 5-15 yards. For those thinking close shots are
easy, out of three birds I pulled the trigger on the only one I missed was at
5 yards.... the 30 and 40 yard birds were clean hits... Hope to hut with
Glenn next spring!
Visiting my friends Nathan Wenger and Chip Sayer on Nathans
farm in Virginia's Shennadoa Valley, we had some doe tags to
fill on his depredation permit. This one was taken at about 65
yards using my Quackenbush .452 short rifle. Love this gun,
Dennis Quackenbush designed it to spec for me, to be
everything I envisioned in a woodland deer rifle!
Some of my Photos of Past Hunts!