The BSA R 10 Mark II is a great looking bolt action PCP air rifle that
comes to the shoulder quickly and mounts solidly. The two stage
adjustable match grade trigger is crisp, breaking cleanly with minimal
creep and very little over travel. You do need to remove the stock to
adjust the trigger, but if you’re adjusting the trigger yourself removing
a stock is a non-issue, and one done infrequently. The trigger blade is
just broad enough to provide a great contact with the finger pad, but
no extraneous material. The safety is easily deployed with the thumb
of the shooting hand. The thumb shelf behind the receiver lets the
shooter use a thumbs up hold if so desired, and is a detail I appreciate.

The stock is to my eye a thing of beauty, finely figured walnut, sharply
cut checkering on the forestock and pistol grip, and ebony colored
caps to both the forestock and pistol grip. The forestock is perfectly
shaped and fitted around the removable 200cc bottle. I really like the
cut-a-way butt piece of this rifle; it reduces weight and looks fast and
sleek. To my way of thinking this is the prettiest bottle forward design
I've ever seen. Enough wood to protect the bottle and make it look
integrated into the design, rather than simply forced there out of
necessity. The shrouded barrel is free floating, and the shroud
effectively reduces the sound signature of the gun.

My rifle is a .177 generating just under 826 fps and about 16 fpe. The
accuracy is very good, consistently achieving sub 1/2 “ 50 yard
groups, and when conditions are right and I am up to it can do better.
The gun fills to 230 BAR to a maximum pressure and is filled using a
proprietary fill probe. The magazine in .177 is 10 round, and you get 5
clips (50 shots) per fill. The gun is regulated and the shot to shot
consistency is very good, with virtually no shift in POI between first and
last shot.
BSA R-10 Mark II

Jim Chapman
This is one good looking rifle, I think probably my pick for the best looking bottle
forward design!
I get this fine rifle from the British manufacturer BSA out for a
shakedown. Spoiler alert; this gun shoots as great as it looks!
The Design of the R10: quality of the materials
used in its fabrication and build quality are all
first rate. The woodwork on the stock and the
metal work are outstanding, and they come
together just about perfectly. The ergonomics
of the rifle are very good, the bolt, trigger, and
safety are accessible, easy to deploy, and all
give a good solid tactile responsiveness. You
can feel that aforementioned quality every
time you cock the gun or cycle the bolt.
Even though I consider this rifle a modern beauty, it's the performance that makes it a
modern classic. The gun will provide sub 1/2" groups all day long with a variety of
different pellets. I used JSB Jumbo Exacts, H&N Baracuda Hunters, and Crosman
Premiers. They all generated velocities in the low to mid 800 fpe range and about 16
fpe. Filling the gun to 230 psi I got fifty full power shots per fill. The power curve was
interesting, the first 36 shots had a spread of 14 fps, then a jump up for the next
shots (from 36 to 44) before it starts tracking back down. The consistency in those
first three dozen shots were very very good.

I shot several 10 round 20 yard groups that were mostly around 1/4", with several one
hole 5 shot groups along the way. I put a prairie dog spinner at 50 yards and
proceeded to hit it in the head 100 shots in a row off a bipod.

I've had the gun out on several squirrel hunts this year, and it's been a great field
rifle. It carries well, I can shoot it accurately from any position, and importantly it has
been reliable under every condition. I'd moved away from shooting .177 in my PCP
because I like the additional assurance of the added impact and larger wound
channel. But as I've been hunting this rifle, not only has the rifle impressed me, so
has the .177 all over again.
Specifications (.177)
Magazine: in the .177 this is
a 10 shot rotary design that
is housed in a cassette. In my
experience this magazine has
worked flawlessly, even after
being dropped once out of
my pocket and bouncing
down a flight of stairs, and
the next being dropped in
mud. It kept on indexing and
feeding up an array of
pellets. It is fast and easy to
load as well!
So what do I think about this gun? Obviously I'm a fan; its well designed, constructed with a
critical eye on quality, it has proven reliable and robust slogging it out in the field with me. The
performance has been very good, the accuracy out to 50 yards was truly out standing. This is
one of those guns that I know if I do my job, the gun will do it's every time. In terms of power it
was a little lower than what I was expecting, I'd been told the gun was generating 20 fpe and I was
getting about 16 fpe, though the gun had been shot before I got my hands on it and I don't know
if any adjustment/tuning/modification had been done to it. Having said this I have no problem at
all with a 16 fpe .177, and think in a small game gun this is just about what you want.

Is there anything I don't like? Well not in a major way: I prefer a sidelever rather than a bolt
action, but have to say that the cycling of this gun is smooth and fast. The shroud is effective
and drops the sound, but the gun could be quieter. I like a universal fast connect to fill the gun
and the R10 uses a proprietary probe, but again this is more of an issue for the airgunner with
several guns in their collection. But all things considered there is nothing that really diminishes
this rifle in my eye.... next thing I want to try is this gun in .25 caliber!
Building a gun with a bottle
hanging off the front, and
having it look sleek while
maintaining ergonomics, is not
the easiest thing to do from a
design perspective. But BSA
nails it with this gun!
JSB Exact Heavy .177
10 Shot group
20 yards
H&N Baracuda
Hunter .177
10 Shot group
20 yards
Crosman Premier .177
10 Shot group
20 yards
Not only have I grown very attached to the BSA R10,
but it has reawakened my interest in the .177 caliber
pellet for small game hunting. This R10 is on my short
list of great small game guns, and if you're looking for
a new hunting rifle, this one is worth a look!