The Badger .40 Caliber Big Bore Airgun!
Several years ago my buddy Randy Mitchell
and I worked with a couple different
machinist to take a CO2 rifle we both had
been tuning and modding, called the QB 78,
and convert it to a PCP. We started with
standard calibers (.177 and .22) and had
good results in terms of power and accuracy.
A couple years later Randy joined forces with
a machinist to use this platform to build a .
308 caliber, which they released to market as
the Corsair. This gun used the trigger
assembly and stock from the QB 78, but the
air reservoir, valve, and barrel were all
components manufactured for the evolved

Recently I had a chance to shoot a new rifle
that follows the concept, named the Badger.
This gun has many of the attributes of the
original QB78 and earlier conversions, it is a
light, accurate, sleek rifle that provides an
eminently shootable rig. And like its
predecessors, it retained the dimensions of
the original QB, which means that after
market components such as the Richards
Microfit stocks allowed the Badger action to
drop right in. The other thing that I really like
about this gun is that it is a .40 caliber, which
I feel is one of the most interesting big bore
rifle calibers to come along in a while. On
paper it has a lot going for it; out of the right
gun it could be flat shooting, powerful, and
based on other conversions in different
calibers it had the potential to be accurate if
they got the barrel right.

Sighting in, the gun produced clover leaf
three shot groups at 50 yards all day long,
and though the forth and fifth shot produced a
shift in POI they could still be used for
hunting. I was using 185 grain hollowpoint
bullets cast by Robert Vogel (Mr Hollowpoint)
that were moving about 880 fps for a power
output of a bit over 300 fpe on a fill of 3900
psi. At 100 yards the three shot groups
opened up a bit but still kept inside of 1”.
Putting the second mildot down but the bullet
right in the bullseye at the century mark.

I found the trigger had a good tactile
response, a fairly light pull weight, and broke
crisply and consistently. The QB stock is
shootable, but I am anxiously waiting the
arrival of my Wolverine Thumbhole stock,
which I think will balance this rifle nicely. The
oversize cocking handle makes cycling the
rifle easy, and by pulling the trigger while
letting the cocking handle down the rifle can
be decocked.

"I've always liked the sleek lines
and balance of the QB
Conversions, this is a winner"!

The real proof of this gun for me was on a
recent deer hunt in Virginia. It was my last
day and dusk was fading, there were only a
few minutes of legal shooting when finally
three doe walked out from behind a tree at
150 yards. They slowly walked into range and
started grazing in front of me. I ranged the
largest doe at 103 yards as she turned
broadside to me. I was in a ground blind with
the rifle braced on a bipod, placing the
second mildot behind the shoulder at the
meridian of the lower third of the chest I
squeezed the trigger. The deer stumbled,
took a dozen steps and dropped on the spot
and didn’t move again. The hollowpoint bullet
completely passed through, double lunging
the deer.

I am going to hunt this gun a lot more during
this season, I like shooting it, I like the
performance, and think it’s a great hunting
gun that will span the range of applications
from predators to big game. I found the QB
stock serviceable, but am really looking
forward to getting it dressed in the thumbhole
stock, I could see this gun becoming a
This is an exciting time for big bore airgunners, with many new products coming to market. I am
shooting one right now that I really like a lot, the Badger .40. This gun combines classic design lines,
and hard hitting performance that will make this a go to gun for big game hunters. Join me as I walk
through the features of the gun and tell you a bit about my first field experience with the rifle!
At 105 yards the Badger knocked this big doe off her feet. She dropped
within a few yards from where hit, and the bullet completely passed through!
The bullet was a 185 grain hollowpoint cast by Robert
Vogel of Mr Hollowpoint. He makes some of the best
large caliber airgun bullets available.
One of the blinds we hunted, offered up shots in the 50 to
125 yards range. We saw a lot of deer but no shooter
bucks in this field.
The Badger is a solid and well made rifle; powerful,
accurate, lightweight, and ergonomic, while the stock
is serviceable, I have a stock coming from Richards
Microfit that will make the gun my own!
I'll try some lighter bullets for
predator hunting, but the 185
grain hollowpoints from Robert
Vogel work so well, I don't
really see a need for any
further options.
Here is my Badger .40 (front) and Corsair .308... the family lineage
is apparent!