Took the Evanix Rex BA .357 PCP air rifle out for a bit of
shooting today, and was impressed. It gets 25 usable shots in the
80-100 fpe range. I am using JSB exacts (8 grain) and kept 25
shots inside 3/4" at 30 yards (without really trying), there was
no shift in POI, and at 100 yards I could easily keep five shots in
the kill zone of a coyote while rested on my vehicles window. Not
a formal bench test, but enough for me to feel comfortable taking
this rifle hunting.... that will be the real test of it!
What I feel comfortable saying is that the bottle cover/butt stock
has good ergonomics and provides a good line of sight. The
trigger is a little heavy, but breaks crisply and seems to be
breaking in with use. I'm using a Leapers 1-4.5X scope in low
profile rings which I think fits the rifle's compact design quite
The Evanix Rex is a single shot and is cycled by a cocking
mechanism that is incorporated into the rifles trigger guard.
When cocked, there is ample and easy access to the loading port.
Feel this gun growing on me and think it could be a great little
predator gun, we'll be seeing if that's true in the near future! On
my way to Texas next week for a hog/predator hunt and this is
one of the rifles I'll be shipping down.
The Evanix Rex BA .357!!       First Look!
This is a hot little carbine coming by way of Evanix out of
Korea. Compact, lightweight, ergonomics, high shot count,
accurate and powerful   ....  there's a lot here for the predator
and small game hunter to love!
This rifles offers the features predator
hunters want!
Jim Chapm,an