The Kral Puncher Breaker .25
                                                        On the Hunt!
Jim Chapman
I'd seen the Kral brand around, but didn't have any first hand
experience of their products. But when distribution of the Kral line
was moved under Pyramyd Air, a company that I have a long time
relationship with, it became easy to rectify that situation!

Meeting with Pyramyds management during the SHOT show, I was
asked what I would like to look at, and my eyes feel on a Kral
bullpup. "Do you have that in .25" I asked? And when the answer
came back in the afirmative, we had a plan.

I received the gun a couple weeks before I was set to leave on a
hog hunt out in West Central Texas, and decided to take it along
for some small game hunting. Let's take a quick look at my notes
from the intial work up, then head off to the field to hunt this puppy!
The Kral Arms Puncher Breaker I received
had tghe Walnut stock, which at 8.5 lb
increases the weight over the synthetic stock
by a pound. The action is a smooth sidelever
that indexes the 10 shot (my gun was .25)
cassette magazine. I found the stock quick to
the shoulder, ergonomic with easy access to
all controls, and comfortable to shoot.

I think that Kral has done a nice job with the
2-stage adjustable trigger, which I have set at
about 3 lb with a crisp break with only a tease
of over-travel. I also like the fact that the gun
has adjustable power, which I put to good use
on my first hunting trip with the gun, where I
went from long range shooting in the field to
close range indoor pest control at a food lot.

A scope is mounted via a Weaver/Picatinny
scope rail, and there is no provision for open
sights, nor would this make sense in my

The Puncher Breaker fills to 2900 psi fill
pressure (200 BAR) from an external air
source. A propriatary 1/8" BSPP fill probe is
inserted into a loading port at the distal end
of the air reservoir. The onboard air storage
is 280cc and the pressure status is monitored
with the
built-in pressure gauge.

Kral manufactures their own chocked rifled
barrels, which are partial;ly shrouded barrel
for extra-quiet shooting. The gun is shipped
with two magazines.

The bottom line is you get a lot of rifle for a
very competitive price, as a matter of fact this
may be the best value I've seen in a PCP
bullpup in a very long time.
One morning on a break from hog hunting, I grabbed my Puncher Breaker and
headed off to see if I could put a dent in the rabbit population. I found a lot of
them, and was able to test the shootability of the compact bullpup under field
conditions: sitting, kneeling, standing, with and without sticks and using natural
rest. I can honestly say this was one of the most ergonomic bullpups I've used,
certainly at this price point.

And the impact on rabbits was devastating; over the course of two days I shot a
couple dozen rabbits from 30 - 90 yards, and in between the accuracy and
terminal performance, I could not have asked anything more of the gun. Often,
when a rabbit was impacted, you would hear a solid thud and the rabbit would flip
or simply roll over with hardly a twitch.

And with an overall length of 29", working my way through the thick and tangled
brush-lands was about as easy as it can get. The gun cycled and performed
flawlessly, and it is very quick to cycle. In the spirit of full disclosure, I do prefer a
side lever, and this one is well executed.
My last day at the ranch, my host mentioned that
he had to go pick up feed at a local feedlot, and
that they had been battling pigeons, and asked if I
wanted to come along and see if I could shoot a
few. He couldn't hear my reply because I was
already sitting in the truck ready to go!

Seriously though, I followed him over in my rented
SUV, got permission and free run of the lot, and
started driving the parameter putting the whammy
on the large flocks of pigeons. I was using the
JSB's at full power and stretching the shots out

As the day progressed, the birds moved into the
sheds and buildings, so I decided to follow them in.
But first I reduced the power and checked the zero
with the Polymags. I worked my way through the
interior darkness dumping birds with a gentle
thump. The flexibility of this gun, both in terms of
the physical dimensions and power settings made
for a very diverse and useful hunting rig.
Hunting Video Link!
So in the end, what do I think of this rifle? With respect to the overall design, this is a very well made and well designed bullpup that will
appeal to those of the bulldog persuasion to be sure, but maybe even those that aren't quite so keen on this style of airgun. It provides
the performance of a full sized rifle, in a package that is easy to move with. I found it rugged and reliable, and easy gun to get comfortable
with. If I have a criticism it is that the wood stocked version is heavy. However, if this bothers you, there is always the synthetic, or you can
get your drill and hole saw and modify it. If you are thinking about buying a bullpup, you should looking at this one.
It's great to have a gun that looks good and has a lot of features, but if it doesn't perform, it's not staying in my gun rack long. Before
going into the field I did a competent, but not exhaustive range session with the Kral. I shot the JSB Exact 25.39 grain round nosed pellet,
the Predator International PolyMag,, and the H&N Hunter Extreme. All three feed well and all were accurate, though the JSB had a slight
edge. At .25 yards I was able to shoot consistent 5 shot one hole groups with the JSBs. I ran a 60 shot string across the chrony, and
though not shooting for groups kept all of the pellets well inside a 1" target dot. I obtained considerably more shots on a fill than
advertised, and assume that at lower power the gun is running more efficiently. I put up a number of spinners at 30-75 yards, and
shooting off my Primos shooting sticks sent them spinning with almost every shot.... not bad over a tin of pellets!