I’ve been waiting for what seems like a
very long time to get my hands on the .
25 caliber version of the Evanix MAX-
ML Bullpup…… Since the January
SHOT Show as a matter of fact. I’d
been shooting the MAX Semi-auto
version of the gun in .25 since the
early prototype was released, and had
a lot of fun with it. As a matter of fact
this gun was the Semi/Full-auto, and
was responsible for almost
singlehandedly emptying (what I’d
thought to be) my five year supply of .
25 caliber JSB’s!
However, as much fun as I had with
fast action plinking, I didn’t need full
auto and the price of semi auto was
too high for the conditions I hunt in.
Those conditions are very cold
weather and the price was sluggish
performance all the way to failure of
the gun to cycle when the temperature
was in the low teens. I liked the
compact size of the bullpup, and when
I saw that manual side action version I
knew I wanted the gun!
The sidelever action is the same as
that used in my Rainstorm, Windy City,
and Sniper guns; and this is a proven
design for me. Using this gun in .22, .
25, .357 I have taken crow, squirrels,
rabbits, raccoons, prairie dogs, guinea
fowl, bobcat, fox, coyote, javalina,
whitetail, springbuck, and duiker. It is
fast to cycle, reliable, rugged …….
And compared to the original MAX, is
bullet proof when it comes to cold
weather performance.
As mentioned, the MAX-ML is available
in a range of calibers, the magazine
capacity is dependent on the caliber; .
22/11 rds, .25/10 rds, 9mm/7rds. On
all models the gun is powered by a 290
cc air reservoir that fills to a pressure
of 200 BAR / 2900 PSI. I am getting
about 22 shots per fill out of my .25
caliber gun, and shooting the 25.4
grain JSB Exacts I’m getting 890 fps for
about 42 fpe. The barrel is shrouded
and is effective quieting the gun down
to what I would consider backyard
The synthetic stock is a thumbhole
(kind of) with a stippled grip and finger
groves that gives a very solid and
comfortable hold on the gun. I like it
better than the hardwood on the
original MAX in terms of aesthetics and
function. The butt of the gun has an
adjustable recoil pad, which can be
moved vertically. The forestock is a
metal cage that covers the air
reservoir up to the fill port, not pretty
but it works well and looks “right” on
this gun.
This little bullpup has a Weaver
dovetail, on which I mounted a Leapers
3-9x32 Bug Buster, using their medium
profile quick release mounts. I started
off with one of my favorite scopes, a 4-
16x50 Niko Stirling, but it looked bigger
than the rifle and though it worked fine
just wasn’t the right match. The
bugbuster is compact and fits the gun
well, and I’ll throw in a plug saying this
is surprisingly good glass for the price.
Due to the requisite trigger linkage that
make a bullpup a bullpup, this type of
gun can sometimes have a pretty
rough trigger. I was pretty satisfied with
the trigger on this gun, definitely not
match quality, but only a little creep it
breaks crisply and predictable, at 2.8
lb. out of the box. I find that the stock
design, consistency, and trigger
combine to make this little gun an
accurate shooter.
Accuracy is quite good, shooting off
sticks and over my backpack, at
ranges from 25 to 50 yards I was
averaging sub ½” groups that opened
up to about 1” at 75 yards. Target
shooters could do better I am sure, but
under field shooting conditions and
positions, I consider this quite good.
So at first blush what do I think?
Realizing that bullpups are not
everyone’s ideal of a pretty gun, I’ll say
that this gun is compact, ergonomic,
rugged, it cycles very quickly, is
reliable, and the accuracy and power
are great for small and medium game
(in my .25), and I’d imagine that based
on my experience with the action in the
Windy City, Sniper, and Rainstorm this
should hold true in the other calibers
as well.
I’ m talking the gun out tomorrow and
will swap out the scope for a larger
objective and higher magnification to
prepare for an upcoming prairie dog
shoot. I’ll stretch the range out to some
100-125 yards shots, and update the
post with results after the hunt. Anyway
you cut it, this gun is a blast to shoot!
          MAX-ML Bullpup
Jim Chapman
                        Posted July 12, 2014
Evanix has been turning out several very cool models of guns using their proven side lever action. And this
year they have released the manual version of the MAX, a bullpup design which up until recently had only
been available in a semi-auto configuration using the electro-mechanical "Speed" action. I wanted to get an
intial report of my experience with the gun as I prepare to use it on an upcoming prairie dog hunt.
Compact and maneuverable, this gun cycles very quickly!
The stock is ergonomic and I find that I can get a solid and consistent hold.
OK, so for logistical reasons I prefer a Foster type quick release filling system, the
proprietary probe and covered filling port work fine.
The 10 shot (in .25) magazine is easy to load and reliable.
This target is 10 shots at 40 yards, the
gun rested on my Primos Trigger sticks
and my back rested against the front
tire of my SUV.
This target was shot at 18 yards,
sitting at a table with the forestock
rested on the front half of my cleaning
This guns has an ergonomic design; the trigger linkage has been well executed and has a crisp break at about 2.8 lb
(top right), the magazine can be removed/mounted from either side of the gun (bottom left),. The safety is easily
accessible and has a good tactile response, and the side lever is one of the fastest an smoothest designs (bottom right).
Specs at a glance:
  • Precharged pneumatic
  • Sidelever
  • .25/10 rds, 22 shots/fill
  • Built-in pressure gauge
  • 290cc air reservoir
  • 2900 psi fill (200 bar)
  • Shrouded barrel
  • 2.8-lb. trigger-pull
  • Weaver dovetail
  • Ambidextrous synthetic
    thumbhole stock
  • 2-stage non-adjustable
  • Manual safety
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • Two mags & fill probe