The Evanix REX KT .25!
This gun is going to appeal to shooters looking for a
very lightweight, compact, take-down gun for urban
hunting and pest control. It will be available in .177, .22,
.25, .30, 35, .45, and .50. It will be available in both
carbine (KT) and rifle configurations. This single shot is
a first for Evanix, which breaking their recent trend of
repackaging their Rainstorm action, are offering the
companies first inline valve design!
General Design: As stated, this is a no frills design. The REX KT looks like an air-cane with a pistol grip, but that's
part of the attraction. The air reservoir serving as the stock houses the valve, putting it in a direct line with the
barrel, the barrel is shrouded though the gun still has a bit of a bark, the filling port is housed under the buttstock,
and the gun cocks using the trigger guard ..... which is quite a clever approach. There is a monometer built
into the air reservoir and is viewed through a cutout in the buttstock. Two things about the reservoir that surprised
me; first is that by using low profile mounts a good cheekweld and sight alignment was possible, and second was
the higher than expected shot count. I was getting 8-10 shots using 25 grain JSB Exacts averaging in the mid 800's
in the initial sessions, and am working on a video in which I'll do more exhaustive testing. The trigger is on the
heavy side, and again as I work through this gun in more detail will take the time to fully optimize it.
Cycling the action is pretty easy with the
trigger cocking mechanism. With the lever in
the cocked position, access to the receiver is
provided. The pellet is slipped directly into the
barrel, and the cocking handle pulled back into
the resting position. In case you are worried
about having your fingers in there while the
gun is at half cock, there is a small lever that
mechanically blocks the cocking lever (trigger
guard) from shutting until it is manually
released. Holding onto the cocking lever and
pullin the trigger, I saw first hand that the
safety device works. There is also a manual
safety position right above the trigger
The 200 cc air reservoir is filled to a pressure of 200 BAR
using  a proprietary fill probe. The fill port is located under the
synthetic butt stock, which requires that the shooter either
leaves it loose enough to remove without tools, or tightens and
makes sure to keep a hex key at the filling station. My intention
for my gun is to drill through the shoulder piece so that I can
access the port with all fittings still in place.


TKD Carbine
PCP Powerplant
Air Capacity: 200 cc
Barrel: 30 cm
LOA: 75 cm
Weight >2kg
Fill pressure: 200 BAR
Trigger: 2 stage
The targets to the left were shot at 25 and
40 yards using JSB and Benjamin dome
pellets. This is obviously not a target gun,
however the results make it a respectable
hunting gun. I do think that once I get the
trigger sorted out there will be further
improvement in accuracy.

So where does this gun fit? It wouldn't be
my primary hunting gun, however going into
my kayak, on my bike, into my backpack ot
could be a contender. If additional airtubes
aren't too expensive I'd be more inclined to
use it for regular hunting duty. However,
since the valve is house in the reservoir, I
expect them to be fairly pricey.... will have
to wait to see.
"All in all a very
cool little hunting
gun for those on
the lookout for an