The Velociraptor .30!
MRODAIR came to the
market with a new
bullpup called the P-12,
which was designed to a
price point that was
affordable to a wider
segment of the market
compared to other
products on offer. And
the P-12 has been a
On the heels of that success the
company has released a new
version of the gun, named the
Velociraptor. This gun used the
stock and air reservoir from the
P-12, but they have designed and
implemented a new valve system to
drive the larger .30 caliber pellets
this gun was built to shoot. The
bullpup was spec'd to shoot the JSB
.30 caliber Diabolo pellets, which it
does with a very high degree of

Like it's stablemate, the ergonomics
of this compact hunting rig are very
good. It's one of those rifles that just
feels right when shooting offhand as
well as rested. The gun cocks with a
bolt that is positioned to the rear of
the rifle, over the buttstock .....
While I prefer a sidelever
and like the designs that  
move the cocking lever
forward of the trigger as
in a traditional rifle
configuration, don't mind
the rearward position on
this gun for one reason.
It's a single shot. You
have to dismount the gun
for loading anyways, so
the rear position of the
bolt doesn't carry the
penelty it would if it were
a multishot. So a
negative is that the gun is
a single shot and the
positive is that it's a great
single shot!
I used a large objective scope
with high profile mounts, but
think a smaller objective in low
profile mounts would be a
better fit to this gun. Will
change in future.
The Velociraptors stock is a plain Asian hardwood, that is well shaped without the bulky forestock often seen in bullpup
designs. I am in the process of painting a white camo pattern on my guns stock, and plan to buy a second stock that  
I'll do a fall woods pattern on as well, switching back and forth as the season dictates. I use a matching camo wrap for
the barrel and reservoir. The gun has a built in manometer at the distal end of the air tube.... not my favorite place as I
don't like looking at a gun from this angle, but it is the best option in this configuration. The fill port is located right
behind the gauge, and a screw on cap covers it while giving visual access to the gauge itself... This is a setup that
functions well, protects the filling port and gauge and looks good.
The gun can be easily removed from the
stock by removing two screws at the butt
of the stock and at the trigger guard,
allowing the action to be lifted out.

The 28 inch barrels are manufactured to
MRODAIRS specification, and they
manage quality control, which ensures the
performance but gates production.

The trigger on the Velociraptor is quite
nice, especially on a bullpup at this price
point. It is light, crisp, and facilitates
accurate shooting.

The gun fills to 3600 PSI and I'm getting
18 shots per fill, with velocities around 800
to 980 fps shooting the 50.15 grain JSB
Exacts. This is generating energy in the
70 to 100 fpe range, and I think it should
prove an effective predator gun that can
be used for small game hunting as well.

I haven't started fine tuning the settings
yet; the guns shot count, power, and
consistency can be tweaked. The power
settings can be altered with external
adjustments, and I do want to dial it up
and resize some of my .30 caliber cast
bullets to see what kind of performance
can be achieved.
I shot both the Emperor and JSB Exact .30
cal pellets, and obtained identical results. I
knew the Emperors were private labeled
JSB's, but thought maybe there was some
difference, but the weight is the same, they
look the same, and in my experience
perform the same.

And that performance is very good; the six
targets below are five shot groups on each,
at 30 yards (JSB top row and Emperors
lower), the single target to the right is a 15
shot 50 yard group. All shots were from a
benchrest, weather conditions were calm
with no wind.
I really like the probe design, with the quick release
Foster type fitting integrated with the probe. If you're
going to use a probe, this is one of the smarter
deigns I've seen.
I took the Velociraptor out for a short
squirrel hunt recently, and took two
squirrels at 40 and 70 yards
respectively. The .30 at the high power
levels were very effective, taking the first
squirrel with a head shot and the
second a broadside. Both squirrels
were, as my hunting buddy Scott says,
DRT (dead right there).

What I like about the .30 is that it offers
a terminal performance that is a valid
option for bigger quarry like bobcat or
coyote, yet is not a ridiculously over
powered for small game. And what I like
about the Velociraptor is that it's an
ergonomic, compact, and efficient
platform for the caliber. The rifle is
definitely a short list contender whether
you want a bull pup specifically, or a
compact rifle in general!