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Archived 10 /12/ 2016
The .30 Caliber Pellet
I've been using a lot of .30 caliber gun that shoot diabolo
pellets, for the last couple of years.

It seems as though more manufacturers are moving towards
this pellet caliber, currently produced only by JSB. I have
been getting both range time and hunting experience with it
using guns from Hatsan, Evanix, FX, Daystate, and recently
MRODAIR.Over the next couple months I'm going to take a
close look at the .30 and answer a question I posed a while
back, is the .30 the new .25?
I took the Hatsan BullBoss bullpup in .25 caliber out to see what it would
do on Texas hogs. Specifically I wanted to see if I could stand behind
the use of a smaller caliber air rifle for hog hunting, with the condition it be
limited to smaller pigs  

First let me say that the rifle represents a very nice small bore hunting
package, accurate, powerful, compact (though a little heavy), a good, shot
count, reliable magazine, smooth cocking action, good
ergonomics, I really enjoyed my time in the field with it.  It did a job on the
pigs in the weight class I'd opted for. I took head shots on a couple
porkers in the 40-60 lb range and both fell over, dead on the spot.