The ATAMAN M2 Ultra Carbine
Provided by Air Venturi Airguns
Jim Chapman

Video on: American Airgun Hunter
This little carbine out of Ataman is a
small game hunters dream, at least if
like me your dream is a compact,
lightweight hunting tool that is accurate
and has all the power you need for
small game. The gun weighs in at a tad
over 6 lbs, with a length overall of
32.3" with the stock deployed, 23.2
when folded.
These dimensions make it a good rifle for my backpacking, mountain
biking, and kayaking trips, and is where it will see major field time
this summer! The carbine has a tactical look with a well shaped and
ergonomic pistol grip. The barrel is a fraction over 11" and a full
length shroud brings the overall length of the barrel assembly to xx".
Mounted under the barrel is a 133cc air reservoir that is capped with
a fill port that accepts a proprietary probe. My preference is a quick
release set up, but having said this I am impressed that the gun
cames with two probes; one with an intgrated male quick release
connector and the other threaded. This means that if you are using
most fill tanks you are set to go right out of the box rather than
messing with build up a usable probe. On the other hand, the
threaded one lets you easily mount that probe on most hand pump
set ups.
I found that the two stage match grade
trigger, the inherently accurate Lothar
Walther barrels used, and the effective
regulator leveraged the ergonomic
stock design to provide outstanding
field accuracy, even when I was
stretching out the shots, knock over
many pack rats, rabbits, and pigeon
well past 50 yards. All of the controls
were accessible, and I was very
pleased to see that Ataman did not
auto-deploy their safety.

To get an ultra compact configuration
that delivers a decent shot count is not
an easy thing to do. It's acommplished in this gun by filling to a very high
pressure (300 BAR), and regulating the shots down. I haven't used my
ussual chrony to shoot strings yet, only my barrel mounted one to look at
velocities over a couple shots which were coming in at about 830 fps for a
bit over 22 fpe.
The folding stock is very
simple and fast to deploy.
You can also extend to
adjust the length of pull.
The side lever action is my favorite these days, and this
one is smooth and cycles quickly and reliably. Working
the action auto indexes the 10 shot rotary magazine,
and after a couple tins of pellets I haven't had any
misfeeds or problems. I might as well get my only real
complaint off my chest at this point, the magazines are
very expensive (costing about $100)
As mentioned, if a
propriatary probe is
going to be used, I
do like Atamans
approach. It takes
some of the sting of
the magazine
prices away.
Hunting with the Ataman M2 Carbine
I have had the chance to use this gun on a few small game and pest control hunts to date;
having used it for pack rat pest control, pigeons in a barn and around out buildings, and a few
rabbit hunts. The pellets I used were the JSB Exact Jumbo 18.1 gr were accurate, fed reliably,
and provided very good terminal performance with clean and quick kills the order of the day. I
found the gun easy to shoot offhand while standing, kneeling, or sitting, as well as when rested
on sticks. For more on my experience hunting rats with the gun, check out the YouTube video
on the americanairgunhunter channel, by clicking the link above.
All in all I was impressed with this gun; it does everything it's advertised to do, performance
was very good for a small game hunter, it was a pleasure to move around with, it was very
shootable, the reiaibility was right there. My only complaint, is that I would prefer to see a
magazine at half the price because I always like to have an extra. Even if I don't use it in the
field, when you travel with your hunting gun it always nice to have a little redundency. Still, I
would put the Ataman M2 Carbine on my short list if looking for a portable small game gun.