Big Game Airgun Hunting Trophy Gallery
Michigan Deer Hunt with Eric Henderson and Robert Vogel
Kentucky Muzzle Loading Airguns with Randy Mitchel
Missouri Airgun Regulation: The Destination for AG Deerhunters
From last years hunt with
Eric Henderson and Robert
Vogel at Deer Tracks Ranch
in Northern Michigan. We
shot six deer in four days of
hunting. Eric and Robert  
were using Quackenbush
big bores in .457, and I was
using an unmodified Big
Bore 909 in .45. The hunt is
written up elsehwere on the
site and the deer to the left
was captured on the video
on the home page. The deer
that Eric shot in the upper
left is, I believe the largest
taken with an air rifle.
David Peltier and his .50 Quackenbush
These deer were taken by David Peltier using a
Quckenbush .50 caliber rifle shooting 180 grain
roundball, at a fill pressure of 3800 psi. The gun is
stock from Dennis Q, the woodwork was done by
Paul Bishop.
The Hog Hunters
African Game
These photos are of deer taken with airguns in
Missouri, which expanded their regulations to
include big bore pcp airguns (over .40 caliber) two
years ago. The photo in the upper left is Jeff Cox
with the first deer taken under the new regulations..
Followed clockwise; pics of Ken Cox (Jeffs dad)
with a buck and a doe all taken with a DAQ .457
shooting 422 grain bullets made by Robert Vogel.
Ken is responsible for spearheading the effort to get
airguns into the MO regulations, and wrote the book
on how it should be done! He lobbied effectively and
formulated well reasoned arguments to support the
Next pic (a year later) is Eric with his first MO buck
and me with my first Missouri deer, both shot with
Sam Yang 909s rifles using  BHD 200 grain bullets.
Clockwise from upper left. Randy Mitchell,
owner of Adventures in Airguns and long time
hunting partner, with the first Kentucky whitetail
taken with an airgun. Randy worked with
Kentucky wildlife officials to get approval to use
muzzle loading airguns in the primative weapons
season. Next is my first Kentucky deer, and I
think the first buck, taken on a hunt with Randy
at his lease. Both deer fell to a Quackenbush .50
configured as a muzzle loader and shooting 180
grain roundball. Below is another buck I took
using a Sam Yang 909 shooting 220 grain cast
soft lead bullets.
Shiloh Ranch 2008 Father and son, Will and Ammon Piatt.
Guns-Piatt power tuned 909S and a home built .45. Both one shot
This was a little porker I shot
in Oklahoma right after LASO
in 2010. It weiighed  in at 55
lb, but was the first quarry I
had a chance to use the DAQ
.451 carbine on. The bullet on
the left was recovered after
transiting the pig from left
shoulder to right hind leg.
Chip Sayre and his Quackenbush
Chip hosted Eric and I on a hunt in Virginia this
year (2010) and brought us to some really
fantastic property. Chip shot this nice 9 point buck
with his new Quackenbush .457 from a stand on
his property at 30 yards. Chip is a very
experienced hunter that has taken more deer than
he can count, but this was his first gun with an
airgun. I know that we have a convert to the
sport, not to mention he has already put together a
collection of airguns that would make many long
time shooters envious!
If you have a big game animal taken
with an airgun, email me your
picture and we'll get it up on the
board. This is more than a bragging
wall, it is intended to show the world
what these guns can do!
Seth Roweland 2010 Deer Season in
Seth is the owner of BHD and manufacturers a line of
great hunting bullets for big bore airguns. Seth has several
guns he uses for big game hunting, and in these pictures
shows his successes with his Sam Yang 909, Jack Haley
big bore and his Quackenbush .458 shooting BHD 250
grain solid cast bullets.