The Evanix Conquest 9mm
Semi / full Auto                                                    Jim Chapman
Note: It is early days and I am
reporting this from the SHOT Show.
The gun I shot was a prototype using a
repurposed valve, and my shooting
experience was limited. This is not an
endorsement, but rather sharing some
interesting new. I will say that I can't
wait to use this gun to hunt with, it
most certainly appeals to me
I found this gun to be compact
and ergonomic, It seems as
though Evanix has done a good
job with the human design side of

I really enjoyed the look on the
faces of the hard core firearms
shooters when the shot this gun
... they were amazed and
everyone had a big smile.
Short Report From The SHOT Show

In my books the coolest new thing that I saw at the range was the prototype of the Evanix Conquest 9mm,
which like the .25 caliber Speed that I’ve been shooting the last couple of weeks is a semi / full auto gun.
The prototype was based on the twin bottle Conquest rather than the single reservoir Speed, which is a good
idea as air consumption will be higher with the larger caliber. The twin bottle Conquest version has a
combined 800 cc air storage capacity. It was also using a standard valve rather than the beefed up version
that will be used on the released gun, so was only producing about 110 fpe, but is anticipated to generate 180-
190 fpe in the production guns. The 9mm uses a larger seven round version of the same rotary magazine
used in the smaller caliber versions. I only got to empty a few magazines (I begrudgingly had to give others a
chance) but noted that for all of us the gun and magazine functioned reliably …… I also noted that everyone
that shot it had a big smile at the end of the magazine!

It’s hard to achieve an ergonomic design in a gun when there is a need to incorporate two air bottles, but
Evanix has seemed to have done a good job from the limted shooting experience I had. It was possible to get
a consistant sight alignment and the trigger was light and crisp. The selection of semi or full auto is
accomplished with a flick of a lever situated just in front of the safety.

The management from Air Venturi (the distributor for the Evanix guns inb the US) told me that this gun
would be released soon, but not until they thoroughly tested it and run enough rounds through it that they are
satisfied that it will be a solid and reliable gun for customers. But if they get this gun tuned up to 180 fpe and
it retains the accuracy and reliability I say today …… man this will be some kind of predator gun! I’ll
post more as information becomes available on the gun.
The seven shot
rotary magazine
slides in or out
from either side
allowing a fast
swap, but it locks
in posiviely and
there isn't a
danger of it
coming out until
the shooter wants
it to. I don't know
if they plan to do
a dual magazine
as they have with
the .25, but I
hope so!
The magazine loads quickly and
easily, and on this prototype
functioned very well. It wiill
need to do so in the production
guns as well, as this is a critical
component in a design like this.
A very fast semi or full auto
doesn't mean much if the
magazine doesn't feed properly,
every time.
Venturi Air already has a selection of
9mm bullets for this gun on their site.