Hatsan Gladius
Powerhouse Bullpup Out Hunting!
Jim Chapman
Publication Date: June 29, 2016
The Gladius is the new, in fact the first bullpup from Hatsan, which offers
many features only expected in much more expensive guns. My rifle is a
.25 caliber gun, that was letting me reach out to 100 yards and drop prairie
dogs with authority. A multishot rifle with a high shot capacity, this is a
hunting rig you need to consider if looking for a bullpup.

In addition, the rifle uses a brilliantly positioned side lever action for fast
cycling of a simple and sturdy magazine, and if that wasn't enough good
news to peak your interest, the Gladius comes with four magazines!
I'd been invited down to a buddy's ranch in South Dakota to do a bit of prairie dog shooting. When you go out with an
airgun, the plan is to put in the miles and get down on ground level with your quarry. The winds were expected to be
gusting hard and I thought this would be a good filed trial for the Gladius .25 I'd been shooting for a few weeks.

There were several things I thought would make this a great rifle for the outing, four magazines, one loaded and three
in nicely designed slots in the buttstock gave me rapid access to 36 shots. The side lever action, which had been
moved up forward of the trigger, auto indexed the magazine and provided a screaming fast action. You can easily
cycle the action without breaking your cheek weld, a very cool option when you need to make constant adjustments for
the wind.

The gun is a bit on the heavy side, but due to the compact design it was no problem at all to carry. On my first day out
I covered 8 miles of sprawling grasslands and rolling hills without discomfort. The gun was very shootable, from prone,
sitting , kneeling, off sticks and offhand.

With respect to terminal performance, the Gladius .25 is a hammer, I was reaching out to 100 yards when the wind
died down (a rare occasion), but even when it was gusting the rifle was solid at 60 yards shooting the 18.3 JSB and
H&N Baracudas.

Check out this video link to see the Gladius in action!       https://youtu.be/ZHmJL-IEMRg
Clockwise from upper left:
  • The Gladius is compact, but does have some heft.
    An ergonomic and stable shooter.
  • The rife comes with 4 magazines, and integrated
    storage slots to house them while on the move.
  • I carried this rifle for miles up and down hills, and
    thought it a comfortable carry.
  • Prairie dog on the look out for me, as I was on the
    look out for him.
  • The Gladius was a fine 100 yard rifle when the
    winds gave us a bit of a break.
42 fpe
Power Plant
Side Lever
Barrel Length
2 Stg Adjust
9 shot rotary