The Evanix
Jim Chapman
I’ve been favorably impressed by Korean guns
for several years now, as a group they tend to be
powerful, accurate, and a good value for money. On
the down side they’ve also tended to range from
plain Janes to downright homely in the looks
department. That’s fine for me, I like guns that I
can hunt with and that stand up to hard use, so Iâ
€™ve never had a problem with them.

Then at the SHOT Show this year I stopped by to
visit my friends at Pyaramyd Air to see what was
new, they’d told me there would be some new
guns coming out from Evanix and I was anxious to get
a look. Two guns in particular caught my attention,
the Windy City (which was recently reviewed) and
the model I’ll talk about here, the Rainstorm.

The Rainstorm is a 10 shot autoloading precharged
pneumatic carbine, the gun I received was in .22
though a .177 is also available. In my opinion it is the
best looking rifle I’ve seen out of any of the
Korean manufacturers. The well proportioned
Indonesian walnut stock has sharply cut laser
checkering on the forestock and grip, which give a
good hold even in the wet and muddy conditions I
encountered on our inaugural trip into the field. The
gun is compact with a 19� barrel and 37.5�
overall length. The gun weighs in a 6 lb. 12 oz, and
between the excellent stock design, light weight and
compact dimensions is my idea of what a field gun
should be.

The metal work is nicely executed, with no signs of
machining or blemishes noted. The trigger blade and
guard are metal, in keeping with the over all quality of
the gun. The barrel is fully shrouded and is affixed to
the air reservoir by a solid and stable barrel band.
The gun is charged through a proprietary fill probe
that resides in a housing that twists open and closed
to protect the filling port when not in use.

The action of this gun is a sidelever cocking that
appears similar to that of an AA s410, and cycles
solidly and smoothly. Working the action both cocks
the gun and indexes the rotary magazine. After putting
several hundred pellets through this magazine I have
had no malfunctions or failures. With some pellet
designs it can take a little effort to seat the pellet in the
magazine, but once loaded it performed flawlessly. I
like the sidelever configuration, finding that I can cycle
it quickly for follow up shots while hunting. The only
complaint I have with the Rainstorm is the safety is a
little stiff and hard to reach with the inletting on the
stock, but is something I can live with in view of
everything else feeling so right with this gun.

When I hit the range, one of the first things I did was
shoot down from a full charge to assess the shot
count. The gun gave up an honest 40 shot capacity,
and had a sweetspot from around the 15 to 30th
shots; however it wasn’t until the 36th shot that a
significant fall off in velocity occurred. As a matter of
fact there was only about a 26 fps variation over the
first 34 shots. I think this gun could be tuned to
produce more power as it now seems to give the
highest velocities with a low shot to shot variation in
the 150 – 110 BAR range.

I shot several different pellets across the chrony, but
selected five that offered a representative sample of
projectiles I’d use for hunting; 1) H&N
Baracudas, 2) JSB Exacts, 3) H&N Rabbit Magnum,
4) Predator Polymags, and 5) Eu Jin. I shot twenty
shot strings from a 200 BAR fill, and two things I
noticed were that all pellets started to pick up velocity
as the pressure dropped and secondly that all pellets
demonstrated a low shot to shot variation, which I
was quite impressed with.

My accuracy testing was done off a bench at twenty
yards to get a handle on intrinsic accuracy and were
shot off a bench rest. The best groups were obtained
with the Baracuda Match and the Eu Jins, this gun
seems to really like heavy pellets, but all five
produced accuracy I’d be happy to hunt with. Iâ
€™m a hunter rather than a died in the wool paper
puncher, so after I did the initial groups at twenty
yards to see what groups I could print on paper, I set
out 1.5 x 1.5� steel plates at 25, 50, and 75 yards
to see how many times I could hit the plates while
shooting from a sitting position off sticks. I hit 5/5
with all pellets at 25 yards, with the Baracudas and
Eu Jin giving the best results at 75 yards, though the
Rabbit Magnum and Exacts were right behind. The
Polymags were fine out to 50 yards and I’d be
happy to use them as a hunting pellet for most

Most of the seasons are closed in my neck of the
woods so I haven’t gotten to hunt the Rainstorm
much yet. I had a couple of starling shoots and the
gun is a really good long distance shooter that
allowed me to pile up the pest birds, but I’ve got
some trips for prairie dogs, ground squirrels and
woodchucks coming up and this will be one of me
gun. I’ll post more on field use at a latter stage.
Bottom line at this early stage; I really like the
Rainstorm! If this is the type of gun we can expect to
see coming out of the Korean manufacturers, a lot of
airgunners will have something new to consider.
This shot string shows the
sweet spot with the gun as
set up is in the lower
pressure range
The gun as currently set
up is generating about 35
fpe, but I am confident
can be tweaked quite a
bit higher.
The Rainstorm offers excellent accuracy for
hunting out to fairly long distances, I'm taking this
gun out prairie dog hunting soon! I shoot 5 shot
groups at a 1.5" steel plate to simulate hunting
conditions (above).
This is probably the nicest looking
rifle I've seen out of Korea, and it has
the performance to match those looks!
The Rainstorm mounts naturally and
comes quickly to the shoulder, and
points well.
The  gun is disassembled with two take down screws.
With the action removed the sidelever, safety,
trigger, manometer, and receiver are seen.
The action of the Rainstorm (lower) is almost the
same as that of the Windy City, and I've been
impressed with both guns!
A twist cap protects the filling port when the gun is in
use, keeping it clean and dirt free.
In the next installment I'll take the
Rainstorm out hunting!
Shooting at 70 yards with H&N Baracudas, the
Rainstorm kept 90% of shots in a prairie dogs kill
Groups shot at 75 yards and 50 yards with H&N
Baracudas. I think very good results under field
I can shoot this rifle well from an position. I spent the morning after this range session
putting away starlings out to 90 yards. I can't wait to get this gun out for the upcoming
spring squirrel hunt in Kentucky.
Target Practice
Steel Plates 25 -75 Yards
Hunting the Paper Squirrel
Shooting for Distance